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  • Introduction
  • Objectives
  • How HealthNet Nepal is different from other ISPs
  • Services of HealthNet Nepal
  • Supporters
  • Resources
  • Future Goals
  • Contact Address


    HealthNet Nepal is a non-governmental organization (NGO) that serves the Nepalese health community by providing affordable Internet service, access to health information, and technical support for several regional information-sharing initiatives.The users of HealthNet Nepal are health workers from several prominent health and medical facilities, university departments, and non-governmental organizations. HealthNet Nepal was established in partnership with SATELLIFE, a non-governmental organization based in Watertown, Massachusetts whose mission is to combat isolation and information poverty among health professionals throughout the developing world.

    HealthNet Nepal is responsible for introducing many health organizations throughout Nepal to the power of information and communication technology, particularly electronic mail, as a low cost communication medium and a tool for accessing information from various sources such as MEDLINE, discussion groups, and news groups.


    1. To overcome the isolation of health professionals by creating a network of people and organizations linked by appropriate, simple and inexpensive communication technology.
    2. To provide access to national and international health related literature.
    3. To be a provider of health information in a digested form.
    4. To be a 'matchmaker' i.e. connectivity broker between health care workers and sources of health information.
    5. To update current knowledge regarding the health care system and research through distance education and appropriate communication technology.

    How HealthNet Nepal is Different from other ISPs

    HealthNet Nepal provides access to a wide range of locally generated medical and public health information resources. One example is the annotated Health Science Bibliography of Nepal from 1988-94, which is now available in a searchable database for health professionals. HealthNet Nepal also compiles a wide range of medical and public health information resources from the World Wide Web and other sites, making them available to its clients through the Intranet.

    In addition, HealthNet Nepal provides an annotated list of World Wide Web addresses (URLS) for accessing electronic health information resources.

    Services of HealthNet Nepal

    Full Internet access. Users can access a full Internet link to use World Wide Web (WWW), gopher, e-mail, archives and file transfer protocol (FTP). These links can be made over a dial-up modem from a single computer, or a dial-on-demand setup that serves an entire local area network (LAN).

    Nepal related health information resources. Through our local Intranet, a wide variety of information resources related to health in Nepal can be accessed. These resources include databases, full text journals, health statistics, seminar reports, technical reports and Ph.D. and Masters degree theses.

    Internet advertising. This is the age of advertising and the Internet is the easiest way to reach millions of people. HealthNet Nepal has its own Web site and it can design and host web pages for its users at very reasonable prices.

    Consultancy service. HealthNet Nepal provides consultancy service in the use of the Internet, database search, participation in discussion groups and Usenet to get maximum benefit from the information services available through the Internet.

    Discussion groups and Usenet. The HealthNet Nepal server provides access to the majority of discussion groups related to health. These discussion groups can be accessed without subscribing to them.


    HealthNet Nepal would like to show our appreciation for technical assistance and books to

    • Network Startup Resource Centre (NSRC)
    • SatelLife


    Human resources. HealthNet Nepal consists of a group of computer professionals and engineers backed by the Institute of Engineering and Tribhuvan University.

    Equipment. The modem is from Motorola, US Robotics V. Courier, Cisco Router and Free Wave Radio modem.

    Future Goals

    The rapid evolution of technology and the ever-increasing needs and demands of its users are compelling HealthNet Nepal to undertake another round of technical expansion. In particular, HealthNet Nepal seeks to add the following to its roster of services:

    • a locally-based Web site with on-line health information relevant to Nepal
    • video conferencing
    • expanded distance education services
    • hosting of Nepalese health-related Web sites
    • on-line access to ongoing research projects related to health in Nepal
    • Usenet newsgroups
    • e-fax
    • pager service

    Contact Address

    HealthNet Nepal,
    Nawali Tole,
    Block No:224
    Jayabageshowri, Kathmandu,Nepal
    Phone: 4478919,4478914

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