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The website is interested in feedback about the "HealthNet Nepal Resources". We have developed this questionnaire to asses how you use the website. This will assist us in upgrading the "Resources" to be more valuable to our users.

E-Mail (if available)
Residence (City, State, Country)
Please check the type of user you are:
faculty or staff
health care worker
If other, please elaborate:
How did you find about the "Health Net Nepal Researches" Website?
Medical Library Staff
an indivisual other than Library staff
a link in another website
searching the internet
From a print publication or email message
How did you access the "HealthNet Nepal Researches" website?
From Medical Library computer
From computer within Nepal 
If "within Nepal", please note location:
From outside of Nepal, please note location:
How often do you accesss the "HealthNet Nepal Resources" website?
Once per day
Several times per week
Once per week
Once per month
very rare
Where do you have access to Internet?
In my building
From the Library
How reliable is your internet access?
Reliable and fast
Reliable and slow
Somewhat reliable
Rarely available
Please list how you use the "HealthNet Nepal Resources" website (you may list more than one):
Searching the internet for general information   
Searching the internet for medical information   
Searching for information about medical conferences   
Access to information from specific links within "Resources"    
Access to information from specific disease links from the  "Resources"     
If other, please elaborate:
For what purpose were you visiting our website today?
What features do you like most about the "Resources"?
How useful do you find the information on the website?
Any changes/upgrades  needed in  "Resources" ? Choose any one option below.
ContentArrangement/organizationAppearance/design Not needed at all
If changes/upgrades needed, please elaborate
Grade our Web Site
Rate each from 1 (low) to 10 (high)  
It is well organize
It is easy to move from page to page
It contains easy to understand internal links
It contains useful information
External links meet my information links
It contains useful information about healthcare in Nepal
It contains links to information of particular interest to healthcare workers in Nepal
My overall rating is

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