Note: This process is only for Norton Antivirus Program, installed in Win95/98 Operating System.


STEP 1: Connect to internet and open the page (


STEP 2: Now you will see three files (1 exe files and 2 zip files)


STEP 3: Double click the first file to download into your computer



STEP 4: When you are asked to save or open as in the given figure then click ‘Save’ in order to save the file in your hard disk.





STEP 5: Now you will be promoted for file location. Specify the path inside C: directory or any other place that you remember. For eg: If the file name is 1128i3121.exe then in the text box of File name type ‘C:/1128i3121.exe’. Finally, click the button ‘Save’.





STEP 6: Now the file begins downloading. Wait for few minutes to complete downloading.


STEP 7: When the above downloading process finishes then download the other remaining zip files one by one with same process as above.


STEP 8: After downloading all 3 files, go inside the directory where you have saved the files. If you have followed exactly the above process then your files will be inside the C: directory. Then find the exe file (eg: 1128i321.exe) and double click it.


STEP 9: Now the process of updating virus definition begins and finally click OK to confirm that the updating has been successfully completed.


STEP 10: Now run Norton Anitivirus program to scan your computer with the latest virus definition.