Trouble Shooting Tips for E-mail when connected from HealthNet Nepal

     What to do if you are experiencing the following problems:

        1.Queued messages:

          Be sure that you have connected wiring properly—that the network jack, not telephone
          cord has been used, that you have booted up the machine after plugging in.

          Be sure that the messages are set up to send automatically without placing in the queue.
          You can check this by going to the Tools menu and selecting Options. Choose
          "Network Configuration" and then click on Advanced Configuration options. Make
          sure the choice "send all messages without placing in the queue" is checked.

          Double check that the user name and password have been entered correctly in the
          email configuration—Go to the Tools menu, select Options. Choose Network
          Configuration and re-enter user name and password. If possible have the student verify
          the correct user name and password with the helpdesk or computer services.

          Try another network jack in case the one you are using is not functioning properly.

          Be certain that your Ethernet connector has not come loose.

        2.Mail Delivery error:

          Verify that the user name of the recipient of the email was typed in correctly.

          Note the reason for the error. Sometimes a delivery error will occur when the
          recipient’s mailbox is full.