Pegasus Mail --- The Basics


     Starting Pegasus Mail:

     1. Click the Windows 95 Start button, choose Programs, then Pegasus Mail for
     Win32, and then Pegasus Mail for Win32.

     2. After you have logged onto the system one time, a shortcut will appear on your
     desktop--- a picture of a winged horse. You can double click on the shortcut and it will
     start Pegasus Mail.

     Sending Email:

     1. "Click" on the "icon" () that looks like a pen. If you hold your cursor on
     top of this icon, it will tell you the purpose of the icon: "compose a new mail

     2. Type the email address of the person you want to send the message to (the
     recipient) in the To: field. If the recipient is a HealthNet Members or Users, you
     can send the message to their short e-mail address or user name.

     Example: mpradhan (for Mr. Mohan Pradhan)- user name.  paed (for Paedratic
     Dept.) – first initial followed by up to 7 letters  of last name. If mail is sent to others rather than
     HealthNet users or members, the mail must be sent to the full email address – user name + Example:

     (You may type additional recipients in the To: field by separating each recipient entry with a comma. To  send a carbon copy of your email message, type additional recipients in the Cc: field. To send a blind  carbon copy, click the Special tab and type the recipient’s email address in the Blind CC: field. To return  to the editor screen, click the Edit tab.)

     3. Type the subject of your email message in the Subj.: field.

     4. Type the body of your message in the large white field.

     5. When you are finished composing your email message, click the Send button. The Message window disappears, indicating that Pegasus Mail has sent your email message.

     Receiving E-mail:

     1. "Click" on the icon that looks like an envelope. If you hold your cursor over the top of it, it will give you  a message "open or re-scan your new mail folder".

     2. Messages will appear in the "New Mail Folder".

     3. To view a particular email message, simply double-click it.  (If you have closed the New mail folder and you want to open it again, from the File menu, choose Read new mail. The New mail folder reappears.)

     4. When you have read the message, you have several choices. You can reply to the message, forward the  message to another person, move the message into a folder to store, delete the message, or print the  message.

     5. To reply to the message, "click" on the reply button, check the reply options you would like to select   and then type a response to the message you received. When you have finished your response, "click"   on the send button. Your reply will be sent and the original message will remain. You can then delete, print, or store that message in a folder.