Sending an Attachment with E-mail

     This is a way to take a document created in a software application such as Word or PowerPoint and attach it to an email message so that all of the features (text, clip art, formatting, etc.) will be retained.

        1. Click on the icon to send a new message.
        2. Type in the message to precede the attachment.
        3. Click on the icon attachment.

        4. Locate the area on the window that is called Directories
        5. If all of your directories are not present, double click on the double dots  Directories  ..
        6. Find the file you are looking for under Directories (Word files are typically stored in My
            Documents). Double Click. All of the documents contained in that directory will be visible
            in the Files window.
        7. Locate the file you want to attach. Click on it. You will notice that it will appear in the File
            Name  window.
        8. Click on the Add icon. You will notice that the file you are attaching will appear in the large
            window at the top. The file name, path, etc. will be specified. Verify that this is the
            document  you  want to attach.

        9. Click on the Send icon. This will have sent the attachment along with your e-mail message.