Saving an E-mail to your A-Drive

        1. Open the message you want to save to your A-drive.
        2. Click on the icon that looks like a disk (the first one on the left. If you put your cursor over
            the icon it will say Save to disk.)
        3. You will get a window that says Select a file on the top.
        4. Go to the box that says


        5. Scroll up until you see A:
        6. Locate the box that says



        7. Name the e-mail with a name up to 7 characters log followed by a file extension (.doc
            for a Word document, .txt for a Notepad document, .wpd for a WordPerfect document)
        8. Be sure you have inserted a disk and attached your A: drive.



        9. File will be saved to your A: drive.
        10. Open your A: drive to view the document.