Reading an Attachment Sent to You by E-mail

     If you are sent an email message that contains an attachment, these are the procedures for retrieving the attachment.

        1. Open the message as usual. You will get a window that has 2 parts- the message
            preceding the attachment and a box with file names and descriptions. Highlight the
            file that says binary data.

        2. Click on the icon Save.
        3.  You will see a box with the heading Select a file.
        4.  Select the drive you want to save the message to so that you can read it (usually
             your C: drive).

        5.  Locate the area on the window that is called Directories
        6. If all of your directories are not visible, double click on the double dots  Directories     ..
        7. Double click on the directory where you would like to save the file (for Word 97
            you would usually want to save in My Documents). Double click to select the directory.
        8. You will see the document in the Filename window. Choose a new name for the document
            up to 7 characters long followed by an extension. An extension is .doc for Word
            documents, .txt for  Notepad documents, and .wpd for WordPerfect documents, ppt.
            For PowerPoint documents.
        9.  Click on ok. Your document will be saved in the location you specified.
        10. Open the application where you saved the document (Word, WordPerfect).
        11. Find the document. Open it and read what you were sent.