Pegasus Mail

     Pegasus Mail is the electronic mail (email) system used by HealthNet Nepal. In order to access
     Pegasus Mail, you need to be connected to the network. You can connect to the network in
     two ways:

               * Locally (Within IOM complex) – Connect your Ethernet connector to the connection
               jacks located in many of the departments, project offices or library areas.These
                connection jacks  resemble telephone jacks, but are actually direct connectors to the
                HealthNet Nepal  network.

               * HealthNet (Dial-in from home) – Connect one end of your telephone cord
               to the telephone jack and the other to the modem located on the left-hand side
               of the computer. Double click on the shortcut labeled "Shortcut to HealthNet".
               Follow the instructions for dialing in to the network.

     Email is a very important method of communication. It is requested that all students
     establish the routine of checking for email messages at least one time per day. This is
     required because much of the communication with students will take place over email.

     Email Guidelines:

        1.Email is not a private means of communication. Once you have sent a message, the
          recipient has the opportunity to store the message or forward it on to another user.
          Therefore, it is advisable to not send private or confidential messages over the email
        2.Only mark an email message urgent if the message is truly an urgent matter.
        3.Only send copies of messages to users who have a need to know about the message.
          Avoid sending copies (cc) of messages unless there is a need. Needless messages are
          referred to as "junk mail" and clog up the server and individual recipients’ mail boxes.
        4.Avoid using email as a method of solicitation.
        5.Because there is no tone of voice or face to face communication over the email system,
          some unwritten rules are practiced by many users of email. Sending a message written
          in all capital letters may be considered offensive to some users because it has the
          connotation of shouting.

      The following pages contain instructions on using the Pegasus Mail system. A "help" menu
     also exists within Pegasus Mail that contains instructions on using many of the features of the
     email system. There is even a tutorial entitled "Introductory Tutorial" which is a great way
     to get started using Pegasus Mail.

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