Filtering New Mail into Mail Folders

        1.Create or select the mail folder that you want to apply the new filtering rule to.
        2. Tools drop down menu
        3. Select the choice: Mail Filtering Rules - Edit new mail filtering rules
        4. Choose from among the 2 available choices

          choice #1: Rules applied when folder is opened (mail filtered directly into the folder, you
        donít see the mail until the folder is opened.)

          choice #2: Rules applied when folder is closed ( mail filtered into folder after you have
          read it and  closed new mail folder. Save you from having to manually move mail.)

        5. Click on Add Rule

        6. Select header (From, To, Subject, etc.). Type in trigger text.
        7. Select a choice from the drop down arrow menu (move) ® Verify that the mail is filtering to
          correct folder. Click on Save. The rule should appear in the window.