Using Mailing lists through HealthNet Nepal


A mailing list is one way of distributing announcements and exchanging questions and answers, but it is not the most efficient way. A mail message is sent to every person on the list. It is sent immediately, and it must be stored on the local system until it is read. Thus, if there are 100 people on a list, 100 messages are sent over the network and stored at receiving systems. HealthNet Nepal provides a more efficient method for distributing this kind of information. The information is stored in the HealthNet Nepal server with the help of MHONARC software. The new articles can be read when the user is ready. This reduces the network load.

Replying to the discussion groups provided by HealthNet Nepal( Reference taken from Pegasus mail)

While installing Pegasus mail in selecting components marking should be done to Install as mailer for MS Internet Explorer.





In the user management, give the name of discussion group given before colon in the list of discussion group. Install the user account under this name.



While replying the to the discussion group click at [To] field of the discussion group. For moving the text of the discussion you have to use copy and paste command.

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