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Internet Guides
Sleep Medicine Home Page
A large list of Internet sites related to sleep.
Sleep Sources
Sleep resources for professionals and the general public
Sleep, Dreams, and Insomnia
Links to sleep related web sites and a list of recommended books. Sleep Link Reviews
Links organized by general topics with annotations and ratings. Consumer and professional resources are included.
Internet Sites
A compilation of citations and abstracts from the sleep literature published from 1990 to the present. The database can be browsed by topic, or searched by author or keyword.
Sleep Information for Health Care Professionals
Information on diagnosis and treatment of various sleep disorders in pdf format and links to other NIH resources. Provided by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute.
Sleep Needs, Patterns and Difficulties of Adolescents: Summary of a Workshop (2000)
A detailed report of a workshop held in September 1999 by the Forum on Adolescence of the Board on Children, Youth and Families to discuss current research on adolescents and sleep, and the implications of this research for health, education, and public policy.
Worldwide Project on Sleep and Health
Describes the programs and publications of this World Health Organization program
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Organizations, Associations, and Agencies
American Academy of Sleep Medicine
Information about the activities and publications of the Academy, including sleep center accreditation, CME, position papers, and the journal Sleep.
National Center on Sleep Disorders Research
Presents resources for medical professionals, sleep researchers, and the general public on sleep disorder diagnosis and treatment.
National Sleep Foundation
Information primarily for consumers on sleep disorders and factors affecting sleep quality.
Sleep Research Society
Information on the Society, full text newsletters, and links to an international selection of sleep disorder organizations.
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Consumer Health Information
Sleep Information for Patients and the General Public
Pamplets on sleep disorders from the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, and links to other NIH resources.
Information on sleep disorders, discussion forums, newsletter, and Internet links for consumers compiled by the School of Sleep Medicine, Inc.
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Electronic Newsletters and Journals
Sleep Research Online
An electronic, peer-reviewed journal with a six week turn around from submission of articles to publication online. Full text available without subscription. Published by the World Federation of Sleep Research Societies (WFSRS).
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