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    At least 60% of office visits to physicians are made by women. The most common reasons for women to visit a health provider are for prenatal care, general examinations, respiratory infections, and high blood pressure. 18% of women's contacts with physicians focused on reproductive health. Women are more likely to reach very old age and become frail or demented. Overall, health status is worse for women than men. Employment-based financing of health insurance means that women are twice as likely as men to be uninsured.

Internet Guides
Reproduction and Women's Health
This web site is put together by the Center for Research on Reproduction and Women's Health, University of Pennsylvania Medical Center. It provides links to conferences and meetings, journals, and research centers in the area of women's health.
Internet Sites
Adolescent Pregnancy and Reproductive Health
Global Reproductive Health Forum @ Harvard (GRHF), an endeavor undertaken by the Harvard School of Public Health, has developed a web site that provides links to information on adolescent reproductive health. Guides and Information, Data, Trends, and Statistics, Peer Education and Information, Organizations, Activities and Associations, and Adolescent Rights are the categories of information that can be found at this web site.
Depression in Men and Women: What´s the Difference?
Summary of the presentations at a one-day program co-sponsored by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) and the Society for Women's Health Research (SWHR) on Saturday, March 24, 2001, as part of the Smithsonian Resident Associates series.
Estronaut : A Forum for Women's Health
Medscape: Women's Health:
Abstracts and peer-reviewed articles, links to conference summaries, treatment updates and other pertinent information for health care providers.
OBGYN.net provides current news, an event calendar, clinical reference collections, discussion groups and electronic journal access directed to the women's healthcare audience.
Women of Color Health Data Book
The Women of Color Health Data Book covers the health of four major groups of women, Native, Hispanic, black, and Asian Americans. Issues covered in this data book are factors affecting the health of women of color, health assessment of women of color, and improving the health of women of color.
Women's Health and Gender Differences, National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)
Research has usually focused exclusively on males and as a result little data have been available on women. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) has been promoting drug abuse research focusing on the study of women and gender differences.
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Organizations, Associations, and Agencies
American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
"The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) is the nation's leading group of professionals providing health care for women. "
Office of Minority and Women's Health (OMWH)
OMWH is an office of the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA). This site provides information on health-related issues and data trends specifically focused on minority women's health. Areas covered include breast cancer, domestic violence and older women.
Office of Research on Women's Health (ORWH)
ORWH is a component of NIH whose goal is to increase research in women's health. It ensures that women are included in all human subject research. The web site provides links to research, publications, and meetings and seminars. Included in this site is an extensive list of consumer health web sites dealing with various women's health issues.
Older Women: National Aging Information Center
The National Aging Information Center is a service of the Administration on Aging. Listed here are web sites that provide links to statistics, organizations, fact sheets and research and academic sites that provide health information geared towards the older woman.
On the Teen Scene
The Food and Drug Administration is responsible for the information on this web site. Although not all the information is directed towards teenage girls this web site contains plenty of useful information. Links to documents with information about menstruation, cosmetics, eating disorders, Toxic Shock Syndrome and yeast infections can be found here. The documents contain images, diagrams, references and links to associations.
Society for Women's Health Research
This professional society seeks to improve women's health through research. Emphasis is placed on gender-based biology that tries to uncover the biological and physiological differences between men and women. The site provides results of research in women's health, links to policy and advocacy information, clinical trials and research funding. Links to health sites and facts of interest to women's health are also included.
The American Medical Women's Association (AMWA)
The AMWA is an organization of women physicians and medical students who want to serve as a voice for women's health. The web site provides links to education initiatives, advocacy issues, the Journal of the American Medical Women's Association and other publications. It provides consumer health topics of interest to women including information on thyroid disease, cervical cancer and aging.
The National Women's Health Information Center (NWHIC)
NWHIC is project of the Office on Women's Health in the Department of Health and Human Services. This web site links the user to government resources directed towards all aspects of women's health. Daily news stories and dictionaries and glossaries of health terms are included in this site.
Women and Smoking
Surgeon General's Report, 2001
Women with DisAbilities
This web site compiled by the National Women's Health Information Center (NWHIC) is intended to provide health information for women with disabilities or women who care for a person(s) with a disability. General resources about critical health issues for a variety of disabilities are provided, including physical, neurological, hearing, speech, and visual impairment. It will also provide information on psychiatric, learning, and developmental disabilities. The health issues addressed include sexuality, abuse, parenting and substance abuse.
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Consumer Health Information
Boston Women's Health Book Collective
As a well-known and award-winning publisher of the classic Our Bodies, Ourselves for the New Century, the Collective is a "a nonprofit women's health education, advocacy and consulting organization [whose] broad purpose is to help individuals and groups make informed personal and political decisions about health and medical care, especially as they relate to women. " The site contains a large number of links to both information on general women's health issues and to specific illnesses which predominantly or solely affect women.
Depression: What Every Women Should Know
A womens guide to the diagnosis and treatment of depression.
National Women's Health Resource Center
Supplying healthcare consumers with women's health information is the goal of the National Women's Health Resource Center (NWHRC). A question and answer segment and links to topical web sites provide users with valuable information on a variety of women's health topics. These topics cover depression, diabetes, osteoporosis and thyroid disease to name a few. Membership is an option but information is accessible to all users of the site. Professional searches on personal health topics is available, there is a fee for nonmembers.
Women's Health Topics, MEDLINEplus
Women's Health Topics contains health care information compiled by the National Library of Medicine. The site links to government and non-government publications, brochures, databases, and Web sites. More than 40 topics are covered including breast and ovarian cancer, infertility, pregnancy and vaginal diseases. Each topic links to a search in PubMed, NLM's free web based MEDLINE. Health professionals and consumers will find useful, updated information from this web site.
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Multimedia Resources
NIH Videocasting : Past Events
Follow the Office of Research on Women's Health link to see a list of available video files on a variety of women's health topics. Real Media format.
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