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    Minority populations experience higher incidence, higher death rates and lower survival for many diseases, including heart disease, some forms of cancer, and AIDS: health indicators for the nation's special populations have shorter life expectancies, higher rates of infant mortality and more years of life lost because of early death compared to the white population.

Internet Guides
HealthWeb: Minority Health
Diversity Bibliography
by David Shedden, Poynter Institute
Index of Native American Health Resources on the Internet
WWW Virtual Library - American Indians
resources on community-based medicine, population-oriented health care, community-based medicine, the concept of Healthy Cities, and community health assessment, Charles B. Wessel, M.L.S., Health Sciences Library System, University of Pittsburgh
Minority Groups
Other Urban Education Resources
links to a wide variety of urban / minority education resources from Urban Education Web, ERIC Clearinghouse on Urban Education
Internet Sites
Assuring Cultural Competence in Health Care: Recommendations for National Standards and an Outcomes-Focused Research Agenda
"This project makes recommendations for national standards for culturally and linguistically appropriate services (CLAS) in health care. Based on an analytical review of key laws, regulations, contracts, and standards currently in use by federal and state agencies and other national organizations, these standards were developed with input from a national advisory committee of policymakers, health care providers, and researchers."
Asian American Health: An Information portal to issues affecting the health and well-being of Asian Americans in the United States.
Specialized Information Services, National Library of Medicine
Campus Climate for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender People: A National Perspective
Gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender students face a hostile environment on campuses according to this report by the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force
Consumer Resources
NeHLP: National Health Law Program, Justice in Health Care for Low Income People
National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL), Resources for Cross Cultural Health Care (RCCHC) and the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, Menlo Park, California: "resources promoting language and cultural competence to improve the quality of health care for minority, immigrant, and ethnically diverse communities"
Ethnic Medicine Guide, Harborview Medical Center, University of Washington: cultural beliefs, medical issues and other related issues pertinent to the health care of recent immigrants to Seattle, many of whom are refugees fleeing war-torn parts of the world
Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Health Webpages
A very useful and comprehensive information resource from the Seattle and King County Public Health website developed under a grant from the National Library of Medicine
Minority Cancer Awareness
Cancer Prevetion and Control, Cenetrs for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): cancer facts for minorities, links to Healthy People 2010 indicators, and activities that support the elimination of racial and ethnic disparities in health
Minority Health Project (MHP)
University of North Carolina Department of Biostatistics in collaboration with the National Center for Health Statistics: improve the data on racial and ethnic populations, expand the capacity for minority-health researchers to conduct statistical research and develop research proposals, and foster a network of researchers in minority health
Multicultural Web Sites
from the Multicultural Book Review Homepage [ www.isomedia.com/homes/jmele/joe.html ]
NOAH: New York Online Access to Health Information
City University of New York (CUNY): bilingual (Spanish/English) guide to health information and resources from volunteer and local governmental agencies and from other health sites on the Internet
Non-English Language Sites
mainly in Spanish from Patient Education Resources for Clinicians, Oregon Health Sciences University
The Provider's Guide to Quality and Culture
joint project of Management Sciences for Health (MSH), United States Department of Health and Human Services Health Resources and Services Administration and Bureau of Primary Health Care: "throughout the site there are links to web sites containing useful information related to cultural competence and health care."
Transcultural and Multicultural Health Links
Ellen Bosman, M.L.S., Indiana University: includes general, religious, ethnic, and special population resources
Urban Education Web
urban students, their families, and the educators produced by the ERIC Clearinghouse on Urban Education
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Organizations, Associations, and Agencies
Association of American Indian Physicians (AAIP)
Commonwealth Fund Minority Reports
includes a wide variety of reports such as these: Cultural Competence in Health Care: Emerging Frameworks and Practical Approaches; Eliminating Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Health Care: Can Health Plans Generate Reports?; Developing a Health Plan Report Card on Quality of Care for Minority Populations; Providing Language Interpretation Services in Health Care Settings: Examples from the Field.
American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC) Community and Minority Programs
Community and Minority Programs
American Medical Association (AMA)
Cultural Competence Compendium
Center for Cross Cultural Health
"to ensure that diverse populations receive culturally competent and sensitive health care"
Cross Cultural Health Care Program
cultural competence training as well as translation and interpreter services
Health Care Information
Indian Health Service, United States Department of Health and Human Services
Healthy People 2010
United States Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion: health promotion and disease prevention initiative that brings together national, State, and local government agencies; nonprofit, voluntary, and professional organizations; businesses; communities; and individuals to improve the health of all Americans, eliminate disparities in health, and improve years and quality of healthy life
Migrant Health Program
Bureau of Primary Health Care (BPHC), Health Research and Services Administration
National Advisory Council on Migrant Health
The United States Federal Migrant Health Program provides staff support to the National Advisory Council on Migrant Health. The Council is legislatively mandated to advise, consult with, and make recommendations to the Secretary of Health and Human Services , on the health and well being of migrant farmworkers and their families.
National Gay and Lesbian Task Force
Working for the civil rights of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people
National Health Law Program (NeHLP)
Working for justice in health care for low income people
Primary Health Care for the Underserved
Bureau of Primary Health Care (BPHC), Health Research and Services Administration
Regional Research Centers in Minority Oral Health
conduct research on oral diseases and conditions prevalent among minority populations, and provide career development opportunities for minority investigators.
The Indian Health Service (I H S)
Unted States Department of Health and Human Services
The Initiative to Eliminate Racial and Ethnic Disparaties in Health
United States Department of Health and Human Services
The National Coalition of Hispanic Health and Human Services Organizations (COSSMHO)
non-profit membership organization (501C3) dedicated to improving the health and psycho-social well-being of the nation's Hispanic population
The National Information Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities
information and referral center that provides information on disabilities and disability-related issues for families, educators, and other professionals. Our special focus is children and youth (birth to age 22)
The National MultiCultural Institute (NMCI)
" increase communication, understanding and respect among people of different racial, ethnic and cultural backgrounds, and to provide a forum for discussion of the critical issues of multiculturalism facing our society"
The Office of Minority Health Resource Center
Office of Public Health and Science, U.S. Department of Health and Human Servic
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Consumer Health Information
African American Health
Medlineplus, National Library of Medicine: Links to news, nutrition, prevention, conditions, statistics
Hispanic American Health
Medlineplus, National Library of Medicine: Links to news, nutrition, prevention, conditions, statistics
just for you: healthfinder® your guide to reliable health information
"Everyone has special health concerns based on gender, age, race, ethnic origin, or role in helping others care for their health. We've selected very specific information from our health library so it is easy to zero in on health topics of special interest to you"
National Cancer Instuitute: Special Populations
cancer information in Spanish
Native American Health
Medlineplus, National Library of Medicine: Links to news, nutrition, prevention, conditions, statistics
Patient and Family Education Protocols and Codes
Indian Health Service, 5th edition, May 1999
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African Index Medicus
an international index to African health literature and information sources developed by the Association for Health Information and Libraries in Africa (AHILA) with the technical support of the World Health Organization
Diversity Database
University of Maryland: reference resources including a diversity dictionary, web links to gender, race, ethnicity and national origin resources and diveristy programs
Native American Health History
Health Sciences Center Library, University of New Mexico : a database of 3,300 articles published between 1764 and 1965
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Dictionaries, Directories, and Encyclopedias
Multilingual Glossary of technical and popular medical terms in nine European Languages
Multilingual Glossary of technical and popular medical terms in nine European Languages
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Electronic Newsletters and Journals
The IHS Primary Care Provider
"monthly publication of the Indian Health Service (IHS) Clinical Support Center. It is distributed to approximately 8000 health care providers working for IHS, urban Indian, and tribal health programs; in addition, it is sent to medical, nursing, and pharmacy schools throughout the country."
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